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Novorender Web API

Build version: 0.1.22

The novorender Web API consist of several modules.

Core3D Module

The Core3D module handles 3D rendering on the browser platform. Streaming geometry from the cloud enables very large scenes to be rendered even on modest mobile devices.

Measure Module

This module enables various forms of measurements and visualization of such. By using the original parametric CAD/BIM data whenever available, it produces accurate and reliable measurements.

Data Module

The data module handles authentication and meta-data. Employing a custom made search engine, it provides fast and complex queries on meta-data properties keys and values.

Offline Module

The offline module handles local storage, pre-filtering and synchronization of assets. Not only does this enable offline use, but can also greatly enhance the experience for slow and/or intermittent internet connections.

WebGL2 Module

Provides a thin, yet powerful typescript wrapper on top of the WebGL2 API.

Getting started

Quick Start

Read our quick start tutorial to learn how to setup a basic application using Novorender Web API.


Refer to the reference documentation for detailed information on different methods and classes.

Interactive Guides

Take a look at our interactive guides, which provide in-depth insights into various features.